MAFSM currently has six active committees.  These committees support the actions and missions of the Association by contributing content to our annual conference, providing opinions and expertise in their subject areas, and meeting regularly within their committees.  For more information on the individual committees, please click on the links below.

Program Committee

MAFSM hosts an annual conference as well as other programs throughout the year to support sound floodplain and stormwater management.  The Programs Committee coordinates and organizes these activities.

Program Chair:
Necolle Maccherone, CFM
Cell: 443-812-5824

Membership Committee

The membership of the Association shall be open to all persons involved or interested in floodplain management and related disciplines in the State of Maryland.  The Membership Committee assists in sending out notices and collecting dues for the association.  This committee is also the keeper of the membership register.

Membership Chair:
Paul Slonac, CFM
Phone: 410-689-3488

The Mitigation Committee provides membership with information on flood hazard mitigation planning, project, and outreach related activities, as well as federal/state mitigation funding available in Maryland. Committee members include representatives of state and local governments and the private sector who can offer guidance on effective flood management. To promote the Association’s interest in reducing loss of life and damage to property from flooding, the Mitigation Committee prepares news articles and conducts informational sessions on mitigation programs, actions, and processes.

Mitigation Co-Chair:
Kevin G. Wagner
Phone: 301-689-1495

Mitigation Co-Chair:
Mark D. James, CFM
Cell: 443-938-0479

The Mapping and Technology Committee are members of MAFSM who have an interest in software, hardware, GIS, CAD, GPS, web-based technologies, etc. that support floodplain and stormwater management in Maryland.  The Committee provides regular updates at the Board of Directors meetings, and also maintains MAFSM’s LinkedIn page and website.

Mapping and Technology Co-Chair:
Laura Chap, P.E., CFM
Phone: 301-210-6800

Mapping and Technology Co-Chair:
Patrick Varga, CFM
Phone: 410-386-2844

Outreach and Public Relations Committee

The Outreach and Public Relations Committee assists with outreach activities for the Association. The Committee coordinates outreach with a WARD’S 3D Flood Simulation Model to schools, organizations and public events. For more information about the 3D model, please see below.  The Committee is also responsible for the publication of MAFSM’s newsletter, The Runoff Review.

Outreach and Public Relations Chair:
Benjamin Kaiser, P.E., CFM
Phone: 301-820-3230

Stormwater Committee

MAFSM members are individuals working with floodplains and stormwater. Stormwater regulations in Maryland are one of the most advance and fastest evolving regulations in the country. The President’s Executive Order for the Chesapeake Bay Protection and Restoration and Maryland’s Act of 2007 have significantly overhauled stormwater management policies and regulations of state and local agencies throughout the State of Maryland. The Stormwater Committee provides updates to changes of these policies and regulations through MAFSM’s newsletters and technical sessions at our annual conference. The Stormwater Committee also conducts educational fun field trips. One of the items that will be part of the future activities of this committee is educational technical seminars.

Stormwater Co-Chair:
Mary E. Roman, P.E., CFM
Phone: 443-737-1290