6th Annual Conference

Thanks to all who attended and supported our 6th Annual Conference!

Conference Brochure
Adobe PDF Download the Conference Brochure

Conference Brochure
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Conference Brochure
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Adobe PDF Climate Change and Flood Risks: Understanding the Uncertainty Range of Hydrologic Response
by Namrata Batra, Ph.D, CFM, URS Corporation

Adobe PDF The New Maryland Model Floodplain Management Ordinance
by Kevin G. Wagner, Maryland Department of the Environment

Adobe PDF Managing Risk Beyond the Floodplain
by Brad Newlin, PE, CFM, HRG

Adobe PDF FEMA DFIRM Status: Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps
by Dave Guignet, PE, CFM, Maryland Department of the Environment

Adobe PDF The Chesapeake Bay TMDL – A Driver for New Stormwater Strategies
by Jane McDonough, AECOM

Adobe PDF Mitigation Plan Update: An Opportunity to Mitigate Repetitive Loss Properties Using FEMA’s National Tool (NT)
by Jen Sparenberg, URS Corporation

Adobe PDF Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance as an Integrated Approach to Stormwater Planning
by Joe Berg, Biohabitats

Adobe PDF Floodplain Mapping & LiDAR: Can There be Too Much Data
by Virginia Dadds, PE, CFM, Greenhorne & O’Mara

Adobe PDF Urban Floodplain modeling- Application of Two-Dimensional Analyses to Refine Results
Prabharanjani Madduri, P.E., CFM and Mathini Sreetharan, Ph.D., P.E., CFM, Dewberry

Adobe PDF Challenging a Flood Insurance Study – Appeals of Proposed Base Flood Elevations
Jennifer N Anticknap, CFM and Gary L. Guhl, P.E., PBS&J

Adobe PDF Rectifying approximate study hydraulic models
Laura M. Rightler, P.E, CFM, PBS&J

Adobe PDF Updated Regional Regression Equations for Estimating Peak Discharges for Maryland Streams
Wilbert O. Thomas, Jr.

Adobe PDF Coastal Hazard Analyses and DFIRM Update For Maryland
Robin Danforth of FEMA Region III

Adobe PDF Hydraulics of Coastal and Riverine Flooding: MD 4 over the Patuxent River
Mark Osler of Michael Baker Jr., Inc.


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