Game of Floods Training for Decision-Makers and City Staff

The Game of Floods is an interactive game-based exercise to help participants
understand the process of conducting a vulnerability and risk assessment and
think about strategies to protect city assets from existing and future flooding.
The game is played in a series of steps and integrated into a presentation.
Attendees progress through the steps from climate science, to asset inventory,
to vulnerability, risk, and adaptation planning.

The game uses real-world examples to help develop customizable training
materials for city governments. The focus is on one impact (flooding) within
two sectors: transportation and stormwater management. The climate training
includes a customizable toolkit that local governments can use to train their
own staff on opportunities to support progress on climate adaptation and
resilience. The toolkit includes real-world examples gathered from cities and
partners, and customizable template training materials that embed equity and
climate justice principles.

Please contact Anne Draddy at if you would like more information on this activity.