Welcome to the New MAFSM Website

I am very excited to welcome you to the new MAFSM website.  Beyond our annual conference and newsletter, we’ve been increasingly active in advocating for sound management of water resources, such as offering quarterly webinars and working with other stakeholder organizations.  And we hope to continue and expand this effort through more routine engagement with our membership, communities throughout Maryland, and other partners in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.  To facilitate that, our new website uses responsive design and should offer a much better experience on your mobile devices.  We continue to be active on Linked In, and are newly active on Twitter (@mafsm_org) and Facebook and we invite you to connect with us there… or stay informed of important news and events through the social media feed and other posts on this new website.  We remain committed to our core mission and we welcome your ideas and feedback as we launch this new website and work together in 2017.


Jason Sevanick Durant, CFM, GISP