MAFSM Community Demonstrations

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2017 Demonstrations

March 29, 2017 – STEM Outreach – Salvation Army-Boys and Girl Club – Glen Burnie,MD

April 22,2017 – Howard-County – Greenfest – Columbia, MD

May 12, 2017 – Children and Company Cooperative Preschool – Columbia MD


MAFSM was awarded a WARD’S 3D Flood Simulation Model in 2011.  MAFSM received this as part of a program to get WARD’S Stormwater Floodplain Simulation Systems into local schools impacted by flooding. To check out more on OPP’s program to get Flood Risk Education in Schools visit their Facebook page.

Train-the-trainer seminars have been held at our 2011-2014 conferences.

Please check out our YouTube videos from the 2011 conference here and here.


The goal of this initiative is to get WARD’S 3D Flood Simulation Model into the school systems with priority focus on inner-city schools who could not otherwise afford the model on their own. Special emphasis will be on schools located in floodplains and/or in areas that have experienced recent flooding. The benefits of this campaign will be to:

  • Help children who have been through a flood understand it from an engineering and scientific standpoint in order to process the trauma and give them a sense of control over their world.
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of properly managed water resources and promote ASFPM and the profession of floodplain management to students through hands on-demonstrations and lessons.

MAFSM is currently seeking schools that are interested in a demonstration of the model.  More information about the 3D Model can be found in a brochure available for download here.  If you would like a demonstration, please contact Jason Sevanick Durant at

MAFSM is committed to working toward flood risk education and outreach.

In 2012, MAFSM received recognition for outstanding education and outreach conducted with the 3D Model.


Trainer Resources

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